This is me, Let's talk about U

[bland] adjective, 1) pleasantly gentle or agreeable. 2) not highly flavored; mild; tasteless. 3) lacking special interest, liveliness, individuality, etc. 4) unemotional, indifferent, or casual. 

I am a realist. I am an entrepreneur. I am a designer. I am stylish. I am a woman. I am a mother, a wife and a friend. I am emotional (who isn’t). I am decisive. I am a planner to a fault. I am sassy. I am confident. I am awesome. Although, I am pleasantly gentle and agreeable, I am anything but Bland.

Personalized styling, in person, virtual styling, interior design.

I recently decided to marry my love for fashion and interior design to create my new brand Distinctively U Designs. My passion is to create beautiful ensembles and settings using pattern, color and texture that embrace your distinct personality and style. Distinctively U Designs was created with U in mind. Tapping into all the wonderful things that make U, you.


Let’s talk about U. What makes U happy? What do U love about yourself? When do U feel most like yourself? Imagine a place that you feel your happiest. What you are doing? What do you see, smell, hear and feel? What are you wearing? Who is with you? It’s important to understand your likes, the things you love, and what really sets you on fire with happiness. Often we are quick to pick up on the things we dislike since it creates so much emotion inside of us that we tend to disregard the things that make us happy. Subtle changes to your physical environment, both the clothes you wear and the places you spend your time, can make a huge impact on your overall well being.

Nothing is more personal than your own unique style when it comes to the clothes you wear and the areas you dwell. My mission is to provide a styling service that assists U in getting personal with your surroundings through fashion and decor.


Services Tailored to Your Needs and Personality:

Personal Styling Packages: Whether you are a seasoned fashionista or looking to enhance your existing look, packages are tailored to your needs to assist you in exploring your existing wardrobe to create new outfits, learn about styles that suit your body style for future clothing purchases, organize/purge dated or unworn items, save time and get more value out of the items you already own.

Interior Design Services: Variety of services to assist you in creating  beautifully, functional spaces to suit your needs and personal style from material selection (paint, flooring, finishes, fabrics) to custom tile and window treatment designs. Consultations available to assist you to get your project off the ground in additional to full scale design services where I manage your project from start to finish.

I created Distinctively U Designs to provide a styling service that assists U in getting personal with your surroundings through fashion and decor. My goal is to embrace your distinct personality and style to create happiness and beauty in your everyday life. 

Stay Fabulous,