Nothing to Wear...

Closet full of clothes and nothing to wear? Feel overwhelmed when you go to get dressed for work or play? Find yourself wearing the same outfits because they are easy to access but hate it? You are not alone and there is an easy solution to help you move in the right direction of your style goals.

Don't you njust hate when you have have a closet full of cloths but nothing to wear? Join me as I show you  have tro  find the hidden gems in your closet! #style #fashion #closet #clothsPersonalized styling, in person, virtual styling, interior design.

We are all fabulous. Our closets are screaming with potential everyday we open them up. When it comes to exploring new possibilities with clothes we already own it can feel like we are charting unfamiliar waters even though we see the same things all the time. With a few organizational tips you’ll be able to combat closet overwhelm and discover some new outfit options that have been in front of you all along.


1)Separate Work and Play

Separate your work and casual items. This is a good weekend project especially on a rainy day. You’d be surprised what treasures you may discover.

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2) Organize by Style

Organize items by style this will help to move seasonal items to the back of the closet and reduce your choices. This will save a lot of time during the week when you are getting ready for work.

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3) Purge

Purge items that are worn, dated or don’t fit properly. This varies from person to person. My typical rule is if you haven’t worn it in the last year, get rid of it. If you are reluctant, dig a little deeper into why you are holding onto the item.

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Purging Notes: If you find yourself making excuses for holding onto items consider the following suggestions.

  1. It still has a lot of wear to it. Great! Then pass it onto someone that can get some use out of it or donate it to a women’s shelter. The recipient will be so grateful to the “like new” item they receive.

  2. It has sentimental value. There is nothing wrong with keeping sentimental items. If you are not wearing these items package them up to preserve them. This will help reduce closet clutter. Note: this should be about the size of a tote or a handful of hangers that can be stored in another closet. Be realistic with yourself about what is truly sentimental.

  3. I’ll wear it again someday. If this is your thought be very deliberate with when “someday” is. Write it on your calendar. If you really plan to wear it again you’ll make it happen otherwise be thankful for the item and how it served you and pass it on. Many people get caught up on this idea when it comes to losing weight. My recommendation is to purge these items and treat yourself to something new when you reach your ideal weight goal. It will make your hard work more rewarding.


4) Stay Consistent

Put away your laundry in its designated spaces when it’s clean. If you took the time to implement steps 1 to 3 then this step should be a breeze and laundry day will be a little less painful.

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Once you implement an organizational system into your closet you’ll begin to see new outfit possibilities jump out right before your eyes.

Stay fabulous,


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Creative Ways to Wear Black

Have you ever wondered how to successfully wear black and have the look you want when you do? Wearing black effectively can be a challenge! #whattowear #black #howtowear Personalized styling, in person, virtual styling, interior design.

Power. Self-control. Discipline. Independence. Strong willed. Authority.  Conventional. Serious. Conservative. Sophisticated. Dignified. Elegance. Confidence. Protection. Comfort.  Strong. Formal. Mysterious. These are just a few words that I came across when researching the color psychology of black. Black is a mysterious and protective color which can evoke both positive and negative emotions. For the purpose of this topic, I chose to focus on the positive words associated with black when it comes to fashion.

A mix of pattern, color and texture can add interest to a black outfit for casual or dressy looks.

Confidence is the best accessory for any outfit.

Think about the last time you put on an outfit with black. How many of the words listed above were why you chose black? I’m going to say a minimum of 5. Most likely as follows: Comfort, Confidence, Sophisticated, Protection, Power/Strong. Nothing wrong with that, you should feel all of those words (and them some) everytime you get dressed. Confidence is the best accessory for any outfit. This is why so many of us look for the black top in every style we can find when we go shopping. “It’ll go with anything!” said by every woman in the modern world. Think about all of those black tops/skirts/pants you already have, wouldn’t it be nice to wear them a different way? Get more value out of them?

Get creative with your black looks today with these tips.

Note: You probably have what you need at home already!


Layering Piece

Add a patterned layering piece like a kimono or vest to your all black outfit. I recommend a medium to large scaled patterned print to create more impact. Use a print with neutrals or your favorite color(s).


Accessories like statement jewelry, scarves, shoes and purses are a great way to add color to your black looks. You can swap out your accessory colors to keep you favorite pieces feeling new while changing with the seasons.


Pair with a pattern

The simplest way to purchase a fun pattern is to think about what colors can you pair with it. Most often black. Opt for a pattern with black in it to pair with your favorite black piece. Accessorize with complementary colors from the print for a fun, polished look.

You can incorporate these tips on enhancing your closet staples no matter how bold or simple your color and style preferences may be. Embrace your confidence, comfort and independence that makes you distinctively U.

Stay fabulous,


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The Power of Color: Complementary Colors in Fashion

We are creatures of habit. I, for one, love schedules and structure but get bored easily with routine. Sounds crazy, but it took me a while to understand my last statement myself. Example: I love to get up at the same time everyday (schedule) but I don’t like working on the same task for more that 2 hours (routine). Variety is the spice of life, in all aspects of life.

I love schedules and structure but get bored easily with routine. Sounds crazy, but it took me a while to understand my last statement myself #Complementarycolor #womensfashion #style Personalized styling, in person, virtual styling, interior design.

In working with my clients, I find they tend to fall into habit/routine when it comes to color choices. Most times it’s because it is easier to follow routine than put the energy into trying something new. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Once I start talking about color pairs and possibilities, my clients start to see there are more options than just add a neutral like black or white.

Color is powerful. It has existed since the beginning of time and we encounter color everyday in the natural world. Color has been theorized and studied by a variety of people from artists to scientists to determine things like: how it is made; how colors affect one another; how colors affect people emotionally and physiologically; how colors can be combined to achieve specific results; and what color combinations make pleasing color harmonies or schemes.

Here are a few color basics that can help you start to introduce color into you closet today!

  1. The 3 Primary colors are red, yellow and blue and can be found equidistant on the color wheel.

  2. The 3 Secondary colors are placed between the primaries and are a result of mixing any two of the primary colors:

    Red + Yellow = Orange

    Yellow + Blue = Green

    Blue + Red = Violet (purple)

  3. Mixing a primary and secondary will result in a Tertiary color:

    Example: Yellow + Orange = Yellow-Orange  Note: The primary color name is listed first. These colors are located between a primary and secondary color on the color wheel.

Color Schemes

Below are outfit examples of 4 different color schemes and how to achieve them using the color wheel.

Note: the color wheel is a great tool to use to understand color and how colors work together BUT does not need to be used literally. Have fun with it!

Having some color basics in your back pocket can bring some new life to items you already have in your existing wardrobe. Who doesn’t love getting more bang for their buck?

Stay fabulous,


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